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Michael’s Church has been located on exactly the same site for more than two centuries. Michael’s history has reflected the history of its diocese, its city and its country, and it continues to do so as it moves into its third century.

Twenty-five years later, Tiffany’s overall design scheme was completed with the Chapel of the Angels reredos mosaic depicting the Witnesses of the Redemption.

Michael’s and members of other religious and charitable institutions. Michael’s was strong and continuously growing; the vestry was energetically optimistic.

Thomas Mc Clure Peters enthusiastically welcomed the large German immigrant community settling in St. Both Thomas Mc Clure Peters, and his son John Punnett Peters after him, were fluent in German and preached frequently in German on Sundays and throughout the week. Gibson (1854-1927), a highly influential ecclesiastical architect, was hired, and the new church, large enough to seat 1500 people, was dedicated in December, 1891.

The vestry encouraged parishioners to contribute generously to the interior decoration of the new building.

In 1895, Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) was commissioned to design and install the seven great lancet windows representing St.

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Bartow himself was energetic in and around both Bloomingdale and Manhattan as a whole: he baptized, married and buried prominent New Yorkers, visitors to the city, day laborers, servants and slaves. Michael’s served as Bartow’s apprenticeship as an Episcopal priest. James Church, founded in 1810, provided significant unifying clergy leadership in the Episcopal church community throughout New York. Michael’s ministries to isolated northern Manhattan communities as well as to villages and regions of Manhattan that later would become Central Park. Michael’s was still a relatively new institution in a relatively rural area when Jarvis left, it proved to be a church that inspired its next rector and his family to remarkable service and accomplishments. Michael’s hired a new rector, William Richmond, who brought both passion and vision to his work. When missionary work, always undertaken with the approval of St.