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If you’re taking questions, I have one: do you ever crave convenience foods, especially if you are out and about/busy? I’ve been following your site for a while now but I’ve never commented.Reply Hey Angela, I love your website and find so much nourishing and comforting information on it.Love, Heather Reply If that doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will. By the way, I made your 15 minute avocado pasta the other night and we’re in love with it too!! The doctor who said he’d had it for four weeks probably eats a cheese burger a day! I’d be interested in hearing about how you cope now with times when you over-indulge a bit.I often beat myself up for eating “too much” and have trouble letting it go and being at peace with it. My questions would be: You seem to stay within the same weight range for the most part – How often do you weigh yourself? Reply Here are my specific self-love questions: 1) How did you find peace with your “trigger foods”? I always look forward to your posts on self-love and having a positive attitude. I’d say cutting way down on these is one of the biggest changes for me over the past few years. But I saw this post calling for questions and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask away. but since you ask, i would like to read what you have to say about binge eating…. It’s also very budget conscious ;) Hope it’s knocking that flu right outa town! Reply I do have another question: Are you going to do another challenge this spring/summer? But I don’t really recognize feeling hungry until I am ravenous – there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for me, which makes it hard to eat intuitively. Reply I’m recovering from anorexia and one thing my nutritionist tells me is that at this stage intuitive eating is not really possible for me. I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning and I haven’t gotten that far but I am enjoying it. : D As I mentioned in my blog, I want to train for the half marathon…. If you have any tips and training programs…that’d be awesome. I think it’s something that reheats well and is super easy to make. I eat at roughly the same times each day – 3 medium size meals and 2 – 3 snacks.

I don’t really need to gain weight now, but I’m afraid that if I let go of the restrict/binge mindset and eat intuitively, I’ll gain more weight than I’m comfortable with. I would love to see some information regarding how long it took for your binges to take a backboard to intuitive eating, what methods did you use to overcome the binges, do you believe whats your opinion on things like OA (overeater’s annoymous) ? Do you follow more of the intuitive eating approach on when to eat (Hunger) or another approach like (3 meals, 1 snack)? I do it sometimes and feel incredibly guilty afterward. Reply Angela, I would love to hear your thoughts/experience with happy weight and gaining self worth and confidence. You have a nice husband there to take care of you like that : D Hope you feel better soon!! And then on a side note – when I go out to a restaurant or to a family function, how do I prevent over indulging so I don’t beat myself at the gym the next day? When I bake, I immediately have to pack some of it up and put it in the freezer or take it to work. The best thing you can do is stick with it and be patient.

What i’m wondering is two things regarding binge eating.

One, when you are away from your home either traveling or eating out, are you triggered to binge by certain foods, since it is often hard to find healthful nourishing vegan foods in the average restaurant. I cook very clean meals at home and dont bring processed food in that will trigger me, but i really struggle with traveling, which i have to do a lot of for work. I’m glad to hear your sinuses cleared up a bit after eating it.

I find this to be the thing I struggle with the most.

I eat healthy at least 80% of the time, but my boyfriend likes to go out to eat at a restaurant about once a week or go out for some drinks. Reply I’d like it if you’d talk about “happy weight” in the context of various life chanages.

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This is similar to my comment on your post a few days ago : D Feel better!!! I hope you get over your cold sooner rather then later… It’s a vicious cycle that I’d like to put in my past- it’s so time consuming! I’d love to hear more on intuitive eating, weight maintenance and disordered eating, as these are definitely things I have and still do struggle with… My question would be how do you eat healthfully and mindfully without becoming obsessed with calorie counting? I’ve been at my goal weight for over a year, and I still struggle with feeling comfortable in my new body. :) I think a schedule may work well in those instances.