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Access screenupdating

It also shows the use of a conditional expression with the Msg Box, Go To Control, and Stop Macro actions.

This macro should be attached to the Review Products button on the Suppliers form.

Future versions of Excel will invariably support new, or stop supporting existing, VBA methods and properties, so it’s an unnecessary risk to not reset Screen Updating.

This allows you to change the status bar text while the macro runs.

If you turn echo off, you can use the Hourglass action to change the mouse pointer into an hourglass icon (or whatever mouse pointer icon you've set for "Busy") to provide a visual indication that the macro is running.

Occasionally a parroted claim will pop up in the Excel cybersphere that resetting Screen Updating from False back to True in a VBA procedure is pointless and unnecessary.

Do not believe these claims — they are misinformed and dead wrong.

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I have asked a similar question in the past and received answers that minimized the flicker, but I really hope that you can help me eliminate the screen flicker when changing a value of a field in an existing record using VBA.