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Accomidating definition wiki

The main threat from social unrest and the resulting refugee flows comes from I-90 which will channel people from Seattle into Spokane—the largest city in Eastern Washington, and right on the Idaho border.From there, it will channel refugees into Coeur d’Alene.Fortunately, there are a eight key tactical points that may slow or stop travel northward to Sandpoint and then to Boundary County, including a number of bridges SEE MAP.Remember, that it is actually beneficial for your safety to have numerous towns between your location and major cities, to absorb refugees.This not to say not to look in these areas, just ask your Prepper Realtor or Consultant to pull well logs for the surrounding properties before your final property selection and subsequent purchase.If you’re looking for both security and water then several main retreat areas come to mind that may work for you.Northern Idaho has an abundance of water from streams, creeks, rivers and lakes; you can’t go wrong searching for a great property there.

The occasional heavy snowfall, however, is clearly a benefit (as in all the Rockies), because that provides the reserve of water to grow fir trees, and fills the lakes and aquifers that abound in the area.

The following article comes to us from our friends at Strategic Relocation and has been contributed by well known relocation specialist Joel Skousen. Skousen’s highly informative briefs, this one touches on some key points to be digested by anyone looking to leave the big city in search of greener pastures outside of America’s high population density centers.

This week’s brief focuses on one of two states rated by Skousen as a 5-start retreat location based on a variety of factors that include everything from environmental concerns like water availability and climate, to like-mindedness and security.

This area has unique geographic features that determine the weather patterns.

The Idaho mountains are close enough to the Pacific coastal areas that the panhandle receives waves of moisture from the Pacific Maritime flow during October through April when the storms are strong enough to push through and over the Rockies—giving northern Idaho constant cloudy and rainy weather—just like the Pacific Northwest.

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