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For instance, if it is more feasible for you to reply to your professor or classmates with an audio file than a typed response, this is usually possible in an online course.

Additionally, online classes typically make more use of assignments and activities built upon one another to result in a large project by the end of the term/semester (a system known as "scaffolding), which provides more flexibility and freedom for managing your time to work on the big project.

Incorporating these 8 simple strategies into your online classroom will benefit all students, including those with disabilities.

With distractions and accessibility problems eliminated, all students will be able to access and better engage with the course content, ultimately making them more successful online learners. Making computer-mediated education responsive to the accommodation needs of students with disabilities.

Online courses are increasingly developed with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) standards.

Keep in mind that online learning provides the above benefits for a lifetime of learning that can lead to personal and professional advancement. In fact, online learning allows students to leave college with documentation that they have many of the top soft skills employers desire.

Additional References: Barnard-Brak, L., & Sulak, T. Online versus face-to-face accommodations among college students with disabilities.

American Journal of Distance Education, 24 (2), 81-91.

They also enable adaptive learning techniques, which allow students to complete activities and meet course objectives largely at their own pace and ability level.

For example, in a composition class, students may be required to complete a grammar diagnostic by the end of the term.

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