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A memo was issued on March 3, 1948 informing management that they were ready to quote production quantities to Mr. Negotiations with the dealer ended up with Baird instead hiring him to run a new Baird “Beaver Tractor Division” Production started in April / May of 1948 with a lever shift drive.

They weren’t cheap to buy 9.50 was a hefty price in those days, but 527 sold that year.

The original modified automotive rear wheels were replaced with a flat disk center, which was welded to a 5x12 rim.

Warner, the owner of Baird Machine Co, made a very smart decision and hired Arthur J. It was built with weldments instead of castings and, after considering different engine manufacturers, he settled on the industrial quality of the Wisconsin AB 3 HP engine. Drawings were updated to cast all items that were weldments (you will find A. cast into the back side of your front end) and a full line of attachments was developed.

I include photos of Bob Vereault standing in front of the Beaver shack. I have an old brochure for the 750 Beaver with the address dated 1968.

From there I was able to get Bob’s name and I just called information.

At 6.2 HP it nearly doubled the horses driving our beloved machine.

This is the building that Bob is standing in front of when I took his picture, and he swears that it NEVER burned. He thought that they built perhaps 10 tractors in those 4 years, all for local guys. He said he sold a lot of bits abroad, India mostly. He needed the space in the shack so he sold off the engines and brought the rest of the stuff to the scrap yard. Snow had been pounding Maine and it was piled high.

I asked Bob if I could buy Beaver Industries, Inc and he said sure, so I did.

The black ball on the tiller and lift handle had been replaced by a red bicycle grip.

This new improved machine had a still larger 8 HP, BKN Wisconsin engine and was offered in both and choke controls.

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