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Activities dating couples

With a little creativity, you can spice up your love life without breaking the bank.Whether you want a fun game designed to get to know your partner better or a game designed to be played in an intimate setting, playing games can add a lot of fun to your relationship.Icebreakers designed for couples help guests interact, get to know one another, and keep everyone entertained.Use icebreakers at the beginning of a party or get-together for introductions and during the event whenever you need to add some additional fun.Although a bit messy and requiring advanced preparation, this icebreaker game for couples is certain to be one your guests will remember long after the party is over.

You'll have to have plenty of time to prepare before he gets home because the secret prize is you, in bed with sexy lingerie on!Even if you're struggling to make ends meet, that doesn't mean your relationship has to suffer.You can play intimate games without spending a dime.See who can guess the message or picture in the shortest amount of time. Take a few pieces of paper and write down a fantasy on each one.Keep yours secret from his and don't peek at his, either.

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