Adult companion chat room

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Adult companion chat room

"I think we can do better." I informed her, hitting 'reject'. But whatever could be said about his charms, Omar was at least being polite and respectful, and I appreciated that.

SCHEDULE - 2nd and 4th Wednesday night of each month, - p.m.I wasn't sure what her motivation was -- whether she just needed a break, wanted to speed things up, or maybe even was getting into it. Omar looked to be in a state of bliss, fondling her breasts as he saw fit, stroking her cheek occasionally. She began to run her tongue up and down them -- almost worshiping them.Eventually, he put both hands around her head and lifted her up off her cock, then guided her down to his balls. I knew Rachel hated doing this -- she always said balls were sweaty and gross, although she would lick mine on occasion -- but she didn't protest tonight.Omar's cock was now out in the open, average and uninspiring, but very erect.Rachel reached out and touched it, looking up into Omar's eyes.

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You too." Not knowing when Omar would arrive, I decided it was best to hide sooner rather than later, and I moved to my spot in the closet with my laptop.

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