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She was wearing sloppy fatigues and it was hard to visualize her body in those things. Aha I see; who were you married to: Queen Victoria? I suppose you are wondering why you didnt object to my demands.

No, no, no what is the matter with you the cable hooks into the VCR not the TV Im sorry Mz. Well, just get the damned VCR out of that box over there and set it on the shelf if you cant figure it out, Ill fuckn well do it myself!We're still tweaking various parts of the site, like the intro page slider images (and their buttons) as well as the ability to leave reviews and comments, but it's usable for purchases and you can check out the new look.New Account on Each Site You need to create a new account there, because it's an entirely new system and Girls-R-Us is gone forever.And if you buy CD3 on the adult site (purple background), it will only be downloadable there.I suggest you use the adult one, it has the full descriptions.

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If you buy therapy sessions on the therapy site you'll have to create account for that one too.