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The resting platform is made up of distorted thoughts and feelings upon which current situations rest.Intrusive symptoms are ones that intrude upon one's life.Then there are the "unseen" consequences of domestic violence which may last a long time.These include the emotional effects such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, and re-experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear.With statistics like this, domestic violence affects the majority of people whether it is directly or indirectly.However, the majority of these experiences will never be reported to police.Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships may contribute to negative consequences.Research focused on the consequences of teen dating violence have similar limitations as those focused on identifying risk factors for teen dating violence making it difficult to make causal connections between teen dating violence and certain outcomes.

Approximately 30%-60% of perpetrators of domestic violence also abuse the children in the household.Lynn anticipated the pain that would come at any moment.She was on guard for the humiliation..lack of control..hateful ways.Despite limitations, correlational research suggests that victims of teen dating violence are more likely to Abusers involved in teen dating violence create a pattern of behavior for themselves, which puts them at risk for ruining future relationships.In addition, perpetrators of teen dating violence may be more likely to bully and perpetrate violence against their peers.

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Lynn is currently dating a man who is kind, gentle, and understanding.

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