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Today there are four masts bristling with all manner of transmitters and receivers providing services for users including television, radio, telecommunications and emergency services. Transmitter masts were first erected here in the 1950s on the ridge of the Hog's Back to provide booster signals for radio and television transmissions.

The company based at Strawberry Farm on Glaziers Lane allowed materials including soils containing bricks, concrete, plastics, metal and wood to be stored near the water's edge of the Clasford Stream.

The brewery decided to gift Pewley to the town as a war memorial and today the hillside is a popular destination for local people wanting to enjoy the views over the Weald Basin and Surrey Hills.

MORE HERE At the close of the First World War the now defunct Friary Brewery was a significant landowner in the area, and as well as owning key sites in Guildford where their brewery functions were carried out, the brewery in 1920 bought a substantial part of Pewley Down near the town.

of a water course and were ordered to pay £5,000 in costs.

This involved lengthy investigations and legal proceedings to force the sale of the clerk's house in order for £120,661, including costs, to be repaid to the council.

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In 2005 the centre secured funding from the lottery and Guildford Borough Council to introduce primary school children to wartime experiences from WWII.