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I first started noticing something was off with me in February.I’m in my early 30s and had never experienced any problem like this in the past.

Bacterial vaginosis is relevant to arthritis because many doctors will tell you that antibiotics are the only way to wipe out the undesirable bacteria growing in the vagina.

Healthy vaginal flora is different than healthy intestinal flora.

Taking probiotics specifically for intestinal flora or the home remedy of douching with live-culture yogurt will NOT re-seed your vagina with all the necessary healthy flora. I hadn’t thought about tea tree oil killing the good bacteria too, so I will just use coconut oil from now on!

This issue is for women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis (BV) - which is most of us gals at some time or another.

(You know: funny smells, itching, tenderness, and/or thin white or gray discharge.) Solving this problem is definately a good reason to smile!

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All it needs to do is stay in and act as a barrier to the vitamin C tablet coming out.

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  1. They strike up a friendship or even romance, and the audience learns An Aesop that blind people might be better than we are because they are quicker to recognize inner beauty.