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Arabella stuart portait dating 1610

Rich men chose sacred subjects to be embroidered on their dress, and one senator wore 600 figures worked upon his robes of state.Asterius, Bishop of Amasus, thunders against those Christians "who wore the Gospels upon their backs instead of in their hearts."century the nuns in the diocese of St.

The Revisers wish to record their grateful thanks to those who have assisted them with information or lace for illustration; especially to Mrs.Hulton, Count Marcello and Cavaliere Michelangelo Jesurum in Venice, Contessa di Brazza and Contessa Cavazza in Italy, M. Arthur Blackborne, Salviati & Co., and the Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.Italian Bobbin Rseau; Six-pointed Star-meshed Bobbin Rseau; Brussels Bobbin Rseau; Fond Chant of Chantilly and Point de Paris; Details of Bobbin Rseau and Toile; Details of Needle Rseau and Buttonhole Stitches The art of lace-making has from the earliest times been so interwoven with the art of needlework that it would be impossible to enter on the subject of the present work without giving some mention of the latter.The curtains of the Tabernacle were of "fine twined linen wrought with needlework, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, with cherubims of cunning work." Again, the robe of the ephod was of gold and blue and purple and scarlet, and fine twined linen, and in Isaiah we have mention of women's cauls and nets of checker-work.Aholiab is specially recorded as a cunning workman, and chief embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and in scarlet, and in fine linen, and the description of the virtuous woman in the Proverbs, who "layeth her hands to the spindle" and clotheth herself in tapestry, and that of the king's daughter in the Psalms, who shall be "brought unto the king in a raiment of needlework," all plainly show how much the art was appreciated amongst the Jews.

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Phrygia was also renowned for its needlework, and from the shores of Phrygia Asiatic and Babylonian embroideries were shipped to Greece and Italy.