Ashley tisdale and zac efron dating

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Ashley tisdale and zac efron dating

I respect his decision especially since he's been able to do a lot of movies since (and even some singing in musicals and stuff) but I also would like to imagine what his solo career would have been like.Considering that his girlfriend at the time, Vanessa Hudgens, doled out some real bangers like "Say OK" I can only assume that he'd also have some iconic 2000s tracks.where he's riding around on a Vespa the whole time, we know that he can ride a motorcycle, but prior to that movie this hadn't been the case.He needed to learn for the role, and his teacher ended up being someone unexpected: Tom Cruise of all people.It turns out that one night at a party, Tom went up to Zac and asked him if he knew how to ride a bike.When he said no, Cruise invited him over to his house so that he could teach him.Simon Cowell, thought that he had a good enough voice to make it.

He inherited two old rides from his grandfather, a Delorean and a '65 Mustang, and he made the repairs on them himself.There's a lot to Zac that you may not (or may, if you're as big of a fan of him as I am) know.So here are some interesting facts of this multi-talented babe that could be a little interesting, or even, I've been a fan of ol' Zefron for a decade now, and unlike a lot of my favorites from middle school, he hasn't been disappointing.Most people know him as Troy Bolton and also that guy who always has his shirt off — but nobody's mad about it.

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Considering that he was one of the hottest young actors a few years ago, he got a lot of press coverage and paparazzi following him everywhere.