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Meanwhile, the women of “The View” addressed the controversy on Thursday and Behar didn’t exactly apologize.“I don’t mean to offend people but apparently I keep doing it,” she said.

At the same time, ABC News’ oversight of “The View,” which it took over in 2014, has been criticized for “Keystone cops management,” according to one ABC insider, resulting in “Game of Thrones” style feuding between hosts, multiple firings and behind the scenes turmoil.Ross issued a correction, and was then suspended for a month without pay.He was later demoted to an unclear role at ABC News’ beleaguered Lincoln Square Productions.The Hill media columnist Joe Concha thinks “it would be wise for ABC News to divorce itself” from “The View.” “It's a pure opinion and infotainment program and therefore should be under its entertainment division,” Concha told Fox News.Fox News’ Todd Starnes slammed Behar in a scathing op-ed, saying it’s “understandable that a Christophobe like Behar be dumbfounded by such a concept.” Starnes added that “if hearing the voice (of) God means (you are) mentally insane” then he is crazy himself.

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“If ABC News wants to employ an anti-Christian bigot – that is their business,” he wrote.