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The matching profile system on this fake site is useless, there are men on the site with very old photos from 20yrs ago,everyone lie about their age. I have had quite a few of these and just feel sad that people feel that they have a right to be so horrible via a keyboard.Lots of men have been on that site for years, most are depressed and mentally unstable people with marriage breakdowns or either cheaters cheating on their partners/wife/gf! Its better to go out and socialize and meet people outside of Oasis, wouldn't recommend this site to anyone looking for genuine relationships. I understand that often woman are known to behave the same.With so many new members each month it may be hard to deal with all the customer service inquiries on time as well. This is the worst free online dating app in existence. The guys are so socially inept they wouldn’t know how to ask a woman out. It’s enough for a successful attractive woman to feel unappreciated and depressed. These online dating sites are not a true indication of real women in the world! Hell the local meth smoker in town sounds like she is a church going nun on here! Make your profile so ridiculous like millionaire looking for Ms right!Their anti-fraud software further protects members from online scammers.

This is a woman out to blue ball the majority and a waste of time. I have five phones filled with phone numbers of women from Sydney to Perth and ive had what most guys havnt even dreamt of. Give it to them so they can have a memory that they end up wanting back or form someone else but never get unless its you.They probably drove there partners crazy with just focusing on trying to get laid and gave nothing in return to nurture their marriages and relationship.I've tried the paid dating sites too nothing comes of them woman are all about them selves that's for sure.(c) Be yourself and let the chips land where they may.Always be in the mood for a smile, attention and care. Sex is easy but making love to the one who makes love back is the kind of thing that you remember forever.

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Not only are the men ugly, losers and incredibly disappointing, but it’s a smorgasbord of mental health issues. I travel the world with my plastic surgery business! And the ladies will come like fly's to a freshly layed!

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