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Balgore sex girl

The store- keepers were not allowed to sell to these. This re- striction was of course evaded by the drunkards get- ting some one to purchase for them. In 1858 the Maine law was submitted to a popular vote, the town voting in its favor eighty- nine to one.

In 1828 there were retailed in town three thousand one hundred gallons of ardent spirits, about three gallons to each inhabitant.

My uncle, Perly Warren, kept store in the house now occupied by Daniel Brown, Esq. He finally removed to Windham and after many changes died in Naples, Me.

An inspection of one of the old account-books of those days is interesting.

Joseph Shaw, clerk." This is the last entry made by the clerk for company B, and probably gives in brief the story of the last training : " The company met at the time and place appointed, was paraded, sized, and the roll called. 195 of the United States District Court, and is now con- nected with the Boston Post.

In 1840 I find the following entry in one of the company books : " Owing to the extraordinary skill of the colonel the company performed many won- derful military manoeuvres through the day, at the close of which the company was dismissed with great honor.

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Until 1821 the use of spirit was general, and its sale was unrestricted by law.

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