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Other more traditional dating sites I mentioned above have a lot as well.If you really want to attract attention you could even use the name ladyboylover69 or something like that, though it’s really not necessary.You will probably be fine but I think they are more likely to try and pull something than a girl is.They’re not all like that but bear in mind some Filipina ladyboys – and anywhere else – take a lot of hormones which can make them aggressive.Ever since then I have always made sure to ask every girl I talk to online if they were a ladyboy before we meet.There has been one that said no and showed up, I asked her why she lied and she said she didn’t know and we went our separate ways.

In Cambodia there were some much prettier ladyboys that were much sneakier.

I almost never get messages from girls online unless I have messaged them first, but ladyboys message me first all the time.

Same in Thailand (where they’re sometimes called ‘Katoeys’), my friend sends me screenshots of the craziest chat.

In fact if you are looking for a ladyboy you can hop on any dating site in Asia – Filipino Cupid, Pinalove, Asian Dating, Thaifriendly, Thaicupid – doesn’t matter which, you’ll find plenty willing to come straight to your home in no time at all.

Sites have filters to search for only ladyboys or exclude them from search.

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It really is surprising how many you see all over the place. I’ve heard in some western countries men have to reach adulthood and cross dress for two years before a doctor will deem them fit to be prescribed drugs / undergo surgery.

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