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"You look amazing" I said to her she blushed and replied "Not too bad yourself".

As we walked to the wrap up party I asked where Bradley and Katie were and she said that Bradley went to get Katie then she added that Katie was as bad as me taking years staring at myself in the mirror. When we got in there was really loud music playing.

The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She's a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl.

She is in control and she can manipulate all the men. Katherine Elizabeth Mc Grath is an Irish actress who portrays the character of Morgana Pendragon on the BBC, television series Merlin.

It's kind of sad because we have this routine every year that we go back to the set but now we won't and we won't see the people we have all these years. the scent of her hair drove me mad every time I was near her.

I was about to go back when I was wrapped up in a hug by Bradley, Angel, Katie, Eion and Tom but I couldn't hold out I started crying again. We walked back together just chatting about our favorite moments in Merlin but our most memorable was when we both injured ourselves while pulling Uther down the hallway.

Prior to Merlin, her highest-profile film/TV role had been a guest-star appearance in an episode of The Tudors and the horror film "Freakdog" (also released as "Red Mist").

The trouble is I'm a hopeless dancer so I never dance with anyone at any of the parties or I make the excuse I hurt my leg in the last scene or I don't feel well.They all started to move away and I waited for a minute and wiped my eyes a final time. "Hello Merlin fans today was our last day of filming and has got Colin sad..hello Colin." he said pointing the camera to me. We all went and listened to what he had to say to us.I gave a weak wave and he took that as he knew how I would get upset if he stayed around long enough. "Okay so all you all know today was our final day of shooting Merlin and after five years of coming back to it we wont be again next year" he said and now he started to half cry "We all know what comes up after we have finished a series now that is not gonna change but this years our last one so were gonna make it special" he said grinning "For the main characters of the show Bradley, Angel, Katie and of course Colin you will be going to Florida for one full month and will be staying at the Florida Hotel.Katie Mc Grath also starred in a five-part docudrama for Channel 4, exploring the life of Queen Elizabeth II, in which she played a young Princess Margaret.In 2010, Mc Grath was cast in Madonna's directorial debut W. It was later revealed that Mc Grath is to play Lady Thelma Furness, the king's former mistress who introduces him to Wallis Simpson.

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It usually works and I have fun talking with my mates.

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