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Billions of these capsules are mixed with a suitable base to make thermochromic printing ink or, for example, plastics destined for injection molding.

These pigments can be mixed with an acrylic base or screen printing ink.

Although this was a new business venture, Gary had stepped away from years of experience at his family’s business, A to Z Auto Body in Staten Island, New York.

Fortunately, from the opening day, Gary was able to do everything from frame pulling to refinishing.

Due to its low change-over temperatures, touching a piece of thermochromic film for a few seconds will cause the contact area to change color – it can also be used with nichrome or any other heat source.

When mixed with an acrylic base each pigment will turn instead into the color of the acrylic base or color blender, eg., if a blue pigment is mixed with a yellow acrylic base the resulting color will be green, but at the change-over temperature the blue will disappear and the green will turn into yellow.

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The ratio of acrylic base to coloring pigment depends entirely on the application and density of color required.

For a detailed explanation of the functioning and applications of thermochromic pigments see the TEP Smart Colors info sheet (PDF) and this little demo animation.


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