Cerca dating cc

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Cerca dating cc

- When lying down, Stun, Stiffness, and Knockback effects will not be applied and this does not count toward the Crowd Control count.

- Even if it’s the same Crowd Control effect, each class will have a slight difference in time of maintaining the effects.

Capes and skirts/dresses will have more realistic physics.You cannot confess your love to other NPCs if you are dating someone, but other players can confess their love to the NPC you are dating.- If you are dating an NPC and your Amity with him/her is the highest among all players, the dating period will be extended for one week.- If the NPC declines your confession, you will not get anything and the Amity will decrease by 5%. The boyfriend/girlfriend will be determined by the value “your Amity/Total Amity of everyone who confessed to that NPC”, and RNG as well.- You can date the NPC for a week (the Title will be valid for a week as well).

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Fixed an issue where you could not use items in Clorince’s Bag.