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I wasn’t at Woodstock.” We got her up and out through the back deck, then escorted her down the driveway that used to run up the east side of the Talkhouse (where the stage and bathrooms are now). As I walked back up the alley I could hear Jesse start playing.

At that point the latch on the window directly behind the stage snapped, the window crashed down, the wind blew into the club on Jesse’s back and, he again stopped playing.

I went over lifted the window up, then realized I had to stay there and hold it up as the latch had snapped off.

If I let it go the show would stop again and there was nothing to prop the window up.

And you didn’t have to drive to NYC and pay parking. Three middle-aged intoxicated local women arrived early for the show. It took awhile but we finally got the two bombed women out the door. She professed she had a crush on Jesse for over 20 years and just had to see him. The first musicians to grace the Talkhouse were Cliff Schwartz (aka Klyph Black) and Eddie Mac Neil (aka Eddie Mac), with Klyph on guitar and Eddie blowing the harp. In the ever-changing world of the too-often snobbish Hamptons nightlife we were to become a welcome institution.SOME OF THE GREATEST MUSICIANS IN THE WORLD HAVE PASSED THROUGH THESE DOORS. Loud enough for everyone to hear she pleaded “But I blew you at Woodstock” as I pulled her off him.The following artists who played the Talkhouse are in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame: 1.) The Coasters 2.) Bo Diddley 3.) Jerry Wexler---not a performer, but a patron 4.) The Drifters---2 original members 5.) The Rolling Stones----Ron Wood, Bobby Keys and Marianne Faithful. Jesse leaned into the microphone and reminded us all “It wasn’t me miss.

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Taj Mahal played on a Wenesday night in January, our first $20 ticket and it seemed like everyone in town was there. Taj played three more times that year and was one of the most beloved and best attended performances of the early years.