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This produces adult women who are comfortable with intimacy.

Most women have been taught how to discuss their inner world much more effectively than most men.

(read article) When we’re dating, sometimes our conversations focus more on the happenings of the week or upcoming events than on topics that will help us determine our suitability for each other in the long run.

If we’re considering marriage, we should intentionally initiate conversations on things that really matter–both in the long run of our relationship, and also in eternity.

The authors analyze the five basic languages of apology: expressing regret, accepting responsibility, making restitution, genuinely repenting, and requesting forgiveness.

Great value is placed on raising women who are nurturers, probably because this is vital to successful mothering.

We tend to permit girls to express their emotions and examine how they feel about issues they value.

The principles behind these guidelines are insights taken from the “one another” commands found in the Scriptures.

Christian communication is a skill we must choose to learn by submitting to the Word of God and by applying it to our lives.

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By examining your patterns of handling money, as well as those of your future mate, you can discover important lifestyle traits.

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