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Click speed dating

“The government hasn’t done much,” said To, a part-time lecturer at University of Hong Kong’s Department of Sociology.“People marrying at an older age will lead to fewer or no children, and hence an ageing population.” To said the high economic pressure faced by those living in Hong Kong had also put many off having children, and suggested that the government give tax deductions to married couples and people with child dependents.Chan said that long working hours, the slow increase in incomes for the younger generation and rocketing property prices were among the reasons people hesitated to marry and have children.Ng Mei-ling, founder of dating agency Hong Kong Matchmakers, observed that policymakers in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan were“actively initiating, executing and subsidising matchmaking services to help their people find life partners”.Rise in cross-border relationships The search for a special someone is a time-consuming one – or so it seems in Hong Kong, where couples are tying the knot later in their lives, or not getting married at all.The gender imbalance has lead to a social trend known as “leftover women”, a term Mary used to mocked herself and other women in their early 30s and beyond who cannot find love.“The Hong Kong government is the only government that is not involved in matchmaking, and I wish it would be,” said Ng, who has worked in the industry for over 10 years., agents from New York, the Bay Area, and beyond will first introduce themselves, and then sit at tables.

We suggest you spend the other three hours in sessions.“What will happen when singles and childless couples age? This is something that we need to think about,” she added.Sandy To Sin-chi, the author of , said the government had a responsibility to improve the low marriage and fertility rates.“I grew up learning about dating by watching dramas and movies, but I do not know what it is really like, you know, to be loved by a boyfriend.” “We have all been told that Hong Kong girls outnumber the boys – what if I am the one who really cannot find a partner in the end? Mary is one of many young women in the city having trouble finding a partner.Despite being only 23, Wendy So Shun-man, also felt the need to attend speed dating events in search of a serious relationship.

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After spending thousands of dollars, she will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with her boyfriend, whom she met two years ago, also on February 14.