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Shefali Tsabary, is titled "The Conscious Parent."more It's not a new method, it's a new way to define parenting!It allows a parent to be a learning partner with children, and produces children who are responsible, self-determining, make good decisions and are authentic.I was determined not to fit the statistics of "single mother households," with children who had teen pregnancies, were school dropouts, or who were out of control.I ended up developing a new method, that I have called "Conscious Parenting" for the past 30 years. A recent book published by Namaste' Publishing (publisher of Eckhart Tolle's books), Dr.

We know that on average it takes an atom of carbon-14 a little over 8,000 years to decay to nitrogen (although you never know when an individual atom is going to decay — it's completely random).

But the value that's used to calculate the age of an object isn't an absolute figure, it's a statistical term called half-life.

We even know that in a gram of carbon, 14 carbon-14 atoms turn into nitrogen every minute.

It's my observation, however, that we haven't yet found a solid "system" for parenting that holds together in the way our "old system" has.

Conscious Parenting is evolving into that new system.

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No more having to "rediscover" oneself after reaching adulthood--children raised by Conscious Parents remain true to who they are at the moment of birth.