Consolidating sql servers best practices Sexy singles dating

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Consolidating sql servers best practices

This solution allowed us to improve overall database system performance while decreasing SQL Server license costs for the customer.For example, we discovered that sometimes it may be expedient to host multiple databases on the same virtual machine without any performance decrease.

Finally, we suggested running with mixed SQL Server workloads.

Moreover, we delivered a comprehensive list of best practices for evident and accessible management of their environment.

Learn more about the technical details of this project from the following video: Our customer was using a mix of SQL Server installs ranging from 2008 through 2014.

The broad database system comprised of a number of physical and virtual machines.

The total number of SQL Server installs exceeded one hundred, while the staff included just 2 database administrators to manage and support this system.

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According to the new architecture, each virtual machine now included active and passive servers for failover clustering.

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