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Dataset not updating database vb net

In this section, you will add a button that enables client data changes to be saved back to the database.

Data Coverage: - Data Flow, Sub-Boundaries, Formula and Equations, Error Forcing.

•Evolution •Various Definitions •concept of Management •Levels of Management •Administration and Management •Scientific Management by F W Taylor 2.2 Principles of Management (14 principles of Henry Fayol) 2.3 Functions of Management: •Planning •Organizing •Coordinating •Directing •Controlling •Decision Making Organizational Management 3.1 Organization •Definition •Steps in forming organization 3.2 Types of Organization •Line •Line & Staff •Functional •Project type 3.3 Departmentation •Centralized & Decentralized •Authority & Responsibility •Span of Control (Management) 3.4 Forms of ownerships •Proprietorship •Partnership •Joint stock company •Co-operative society •Govt. Capital Generation & Management •Types of capitals •Sources of finance 5.3. -Using COM components developed in VB or other language.

Sector Human Resource Management 4.1 Personnel Management •Introduction •Definition •Function 4.2 Staffing •Introduction to HR •Introduction to HR Planning •Recruitment procedure 4.3 Personnel – Training & Development •Types of training - Induction - Skill enhancement 4.4 Leadership & Motivation •Leadership- Styles & types •Motivation –Definition , Intrinsic & Extrinsic •Moslow’s theory of Motivation and its significance 4.5 Safety Management •Causes of Accidents •Safety Procedures 4.6 Introduction, Objectives & feature of Industrial Legislation such as •Factory Act •ESI Act, •Workman Compensation Act, •Industrial Dispute Act. Budgets and Accounts •Types of Budgets •Production Budget ( including Varience Report) •Labour Budget •Introduction to Profit & Loss Account ( Only concept) •Balance sheet etc. Introduction to Various Taxes •Excise Service Tax, •Income Tax •VAT •Custom Duty. Inventory Management ( No Numericals) •Meaning & Objectives 6.2 ABC Analysis 6.3 Economic Order Quantity: •Introduction & Graphical Representation 6.4 Purchase Procedure •Objectives of Purchasing •Functions of Purchasing Department •Steps in Purchasing 6.5 Modern Techniques of Material Management •Introductory treatment to Just in Time( JIT)/ System Applications & Products (SAP) /Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Course Name : Diploma in Computer Engineering /Computer Technology Course Code : CO/CM/CD Semester : Sixth for CO/CM Purpose of Testing Software Testing Background Software Error Case Studies:- Disney Lion King, Intel Pentium Floating Point Division Bug, NASA Mars Polar Lander, Patriot Missile Defense System, Y2K Bug. Terms for software Failures, Software Bug: A Formal Definition , Why do Bug occurs? - Error Provider - Combo Box - Month Calendar - Radio Button - Text Box - Check Box - Checked List Box - Date Time Picker 2.3 Implementation of OOP -Creation of class and objects.

Click Dim i As Integer connection String = "Data Source=servername; Initial Catalog=databasename; User ID=userid; Password=password" cnn = New Sql Connection(connection String) cnn.

Item(0)) Next 'fetching data from datatable in disconnected mode For i = 0 To dt.

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Bind variables are placeholders inside a SQL statement.

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