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You have it or you don’t and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yes, some people have a natural charisma, but this doesn’t mean you . The thing that people misunderstand about that “oomph” factor is the same thing we misunderstand about attraction.

We tend to assume that it’s all based purely on looks, rather than on the right there!

It doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into an asshole instead.

See, there’s a problem inherent with being nice (as opposed to being a Nice Guy): it’s unsexy. When somebody describes their partner as “nice”, it’s a tacit admission that they’re with them because they think they But being “nice” doesn’t mean that you have to kiss attraction good bye.

According to PUA/Red Pill dogma, “nice” guys are betas who “put the pussy on a pedestal” and suck up to women in hopes of getting a whiff of sex. See the problem isn’t whether someone is a decent guy or not.

Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lodbrok has a look and a smile that’s pure sex when he wants it to be.

You may start working with weights or trying a sport.

Your swagger might be found in picking up martial arts or trying parkour, just to see what it’s like being a ninja.

Not the limited version of who you you could be if you let go of your earthly tethers and fly.

To give a personal example, it’s not an accident that my confidence and skill has increased with the number of tattoos I’ve gotten.

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