Dating a wifestory

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Dating a wifestory

By Charlotte Court on Van Morrison is set to drop a brand new studio album this year entitled 'Versatile' - and it is certainly that.

on the ist sept my husband said he needed to get a way to my horror hed been having an affair … I Am Having an Affair With a Married Man - "I know it's wrong but.." I Am Having an Affair With a Married Man I am single but still...

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'Wonder Woman' broke the mould, bringing in amazing reviews from both critics and the...

By Holly Williams on While gallows humour isn't always necessarily a bad thing, Larry David appears to have crossed the line in many people's eyes by making holocaust jokes during his appearance as guest host on 'Saturday Night Live'.

By Holly Mosley on When it comes to the DC Extended Universe, it's fair to say the reaction to the majority of its movies so far has been completely split.

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Newlywed hb cheated w/many women - "I found out, he has cheated on every woman he has been with" I met my hb online, wasnted really interested at first, a yr later he found me on FB. I never thought I would ever end up on a site like this admitting (even though its … "I am cheating on my husband with my ex girlfriend" I met her in high school. Nurse - Cheated on her husband of 31 years with her co worker.