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Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman first locked eyes while at a gas station during their high school senior year. It was love at first sight, and it wasn’t long before the two started dating.Don’t you think dating is kind of like standing on a ledge?Our friendships have changed…how we interact with our families has changed.But I’m betting that most of these changes really haven’t been so bad.When Lucie Brownlee’s beloved husband Mark died suddenly of a heart condition aged just 37, writing a memoir helped her cope with her loss.From upbeat undertakers to coffin catalogues on Valentine’s Day, in this bittersweet extract she chronicles her emotional journey Bad news travels through letterboxes like a noxious gas.

I tried to summon up the feelings I thought I was supposed to have.

I hear so many people say that what they had was perfect.

That they lost their soulmates and that they will never find that again.

I repeated the mantra, Mark is dead, and waited for the moment when I would collapse, distraught, in a heap on the carpet. Meanwhile our three-year-old daughter B played the bossa nova demo on her Bontempi keyboard to this new captive and catatonic audience and guzzled the sweets they’d brought her.

She asked once where her daddy was and I told her he was at work.

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So…what makes you think it would be different in a new romantic relationship? And couldn’t that person just be floating out there…waiting for a hook?