Dating and lighting shabbat candles

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Dating and lighting shabbat candles

See companion article on the "how-to" of candle-lighting. They are trying out this philosophy, that religion. How can those two little flickering candles on my table, light up the big, dark world?

People are wandering, roaming the world, searching for meaning. It is a woman's privilege to bring "good" into the world through light.

The reason for lighting the candles is to ensure that there is light in the house for Shabbat.

Regarding single girls, Rav Soloveitchik noted that this was the practice in Europe, even in his town, and that is how the Rav practiced with his daughters when they were single-that they lit their own candles, even with a Beracha, even when his wife also lit candles with a Beracha.

Light was created on the first day, and the Torah says, "It was good." It is a woman's mitzvah to light the Shabbat candles.

The Shabbat candles usher in the holy day of Shabbat.

Those who have family customs and if their minhag [custom] is that the single women do not light their own candles then they should certainly not deviate from their custom- “Ve’al Titosh Torat I’mecha”.

However, those who do not have such a minhag and wish to light their own candles, the question is – are they permitted to recite their own Beracha over the lighting?

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But on Shabbat, it is two against one -- two souls versus one body. It's the candles -- they draw people together on a soul level. Prepare, think, and be focused on this great experience. To help her children fulfill their potential, a woman should feel tremendous happiness when lighting her Shabbat candles. They pay high tuition for the best schools; give them extracurricular activities, hobbies, and vacations to stimulate their minds and strengthen their bodies; feed them good, healthy meals; and buy them fine clothes. Just as Shabbat comes after six days of work, our ultimate connection to God comes in the World to Come -- after years and years of work! In truth, we work all week long for this day of pleasure. On Shabbat, all pain changes into beautiful, new challenges. My wonderful kallah and Aishes Chayil thank you very much for this inspiring article.

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