Dating by porcelain marks

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Dating by porcelain marks

In June of that same year a royal porcelain factory in Meissen (commissioned by Augustas), was completed, and the operation was transferred from Dresden to Meissen.Bottger continued to sell the red stoneware from the Meissen Manufactury until he perfected his formula for white porcelain in 1713, at which time all Meissen production switched to the new porcelain formula.Occasionally the mark was added to gifts produced for royal visitors.The AF monogram was used exclusively for porcelains designed for Prince Elector Frederick Augustas III This monogram mark is a reliable date stamp for Meissen pieces because it was only used in 1733-1734.The AR monogram was a special mark reserved for objects used by the court of Elector August the Strong, founder of the Meissen factory.

Also the data of the designing artist will be an important indication of possible age.

And they have officially undergone several variations, as shown below; Note: The Meissen crossed-swords marks are some of the most imitated and faked marks used.

So while they can be indicators in the authentication process – they are not guarantees of authenticity.

On Earthenware in 1936 the Belleek stamp changed to "Melvin Ware" probably to distinguish it from the more prestigious Parian China.

See Belleek Marks Page 2 for information about Diamond marks found on first mark pieces Please email me for further details.

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Others have 3 points on the crown with an uppercase cursive “D” attached to the crown.

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