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Note that we've fudged a bit to make room for a few items that, if stricter boundaries were enforced, might not make the cut for this list.

There's an irony here, of course, in that without folk-rock, many of these artists might have never gotten to make an LP or even record at all in the first place.

Once the Byrds combined the best of the Beatles and Bob Dylan on their mid-1965 Transatlantic chart-topper "Mr.

Tambourine Man," however, there was no stopping the folk-rock explosion.

But there were also several dozen such releases that stood up to all but the best folk-rock albums in quality and consistency, and if none of them were quite on the level of the mid-'60s Byrds LPs or Love's , there were barely-heard near-gems from all across the American folk-rock spectrum.

Some sounded almost commercial enough to have been mainstream hits given the right breaks, like the Byrds-meet-the Beau Brummels sound of the Blue Things' sole album and the Ian & Sylvia-go-electric approach of Jim & Jean's .

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