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Dating daisy bb pistols

I won't go into detail but the trigger job turned out fine and now it is a two stage trigger that tips the scales at 9.5 ounces.

Please note that Daisy cautions that when triggers are adjusted to less then 2 pounds, the gun may fire if dropped.

There was also the 722 a 22cal version of the 717 that was also discontinued.

The molded plastic grips on the 717 and 747 are target style with a thumbrest and I find them comfortable.

The cocking effort on the 7x7 is very light compared to some other single pump pneumatics.

I found the 7x7's to be very comfortable to shoot during a match.

The shooting range I was at is an outdoor range and on the test day there was a 4 to 6 mph wind.

There is a very interesting situation that all air arm manufactures advise the purchaser about, "accuracy".

I am a silhouette shooter and over the years I have heard about legends in silhouette. One of those legends just happens to be an air pistol, the Daisy 717.

The Daisy 717 is actually the entry level of Daisy's 7x7 line.

Daisy's 747 is the next step-up with some upgrades such as an adjustable trigger and the Lothar Walther barrel.

The top of the line was the 777 with a refined target rear sight and wood grips however it has been discontinued.

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Have no fear if you're a lefty, Daisy has the target grip for you as well and it's under $15.

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