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Lesbians have to have a certain body, and only have sex with certain bodies, in order to be the “best” queer women — which doesn’t only shame trans women, but also shames the women who have loved them. When I hear that someone doesn’t want to have sex with a trans woman because of her penis — say, a lesbian who wants to maintain her gold star status or a straight man who insists he isn’t “gay” — I hear assumptions about how that sex would play out.

Many trans women who have penises are not interested in acknowledging that body part during sex, and there are many ways to be respectful of that.

He's still getting over the girl he thought was The One. I'm so confused, especially because this keeps happening to me.

He kept saying that it would be unfair to me (or any other girl) because he would judge me to her standard. I want to keep seeing him, but I also know what I want. I want to be important to someone, and I don't want second place. I always meet guys who are at a weird point in their lives and I don't know how to break this terrible pattern.

Queer women’s circles are particularly plagued by transmisogyny.

Sadly, most of us have had to deal with this at some point.

When a man stands you up it's completely up to you to show him, not tell him, that's not acceptable behavior.

You have the power to have the relationship you want.

You see, I've been dating this guy for a little over a month and things have been going great!

Writing in because I'm in a weird dating bind.

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He had no problem having sex with or hanging out with a trans woman, but didn’t really see their value as actual partners.

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