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“We were also impressed with the way he related to Zandile Gumede (pro-Zuma e Thekwini regional chairperson) when he even told her that he supported her leadership,” said the source. Khawuphendule/Wen’ ulawulwa, wen’ ulawulwa yi Propaganda/ Awu sitshele ukuth’ * Zuma wenzeni” loosely translated it means “You who are controlled by propaganda tell us what Zuma has done wrong.” Clapping A source aligned to Ramaphosa said the president did not seem impressed by the singing. The ­atmosphere was very bad, but we expected this because comrades in e Thekwini are very hostile against the president,” the source said.

After the meeting at the stadium, a video was circulated of those who attended the meeting in the hall singing a pro-Zuma song before Ramaphosa addressed them . Another source, also aligned to Ramaphosa, said whenever Ramaphosa’s supporters raised concerns that most provincial interim ­committee and regional leaders did not support him, “they were howled at and told to sit down”.

More recently, in the last few hundred years, with the advent of the Nguni people, iron smelting took place in Ithala and there are a number of smelting sites adjacent to deposits of banded ironstone which was crushed to provide the iron ore.

Ithala has provided the setting for many historic events, from Shaka's reign and those of successive Zulu kings, to a number of gold mining enterprises in the early years of the 20th Century.

The ANC was shocked to read in Independent Media newspapers, distortions and lies about events that never took place during the meetings.

The reporter opted to base his story on faceless sources without seeking clarity from the ANC National Working Committee (NWC) members who were part of the meetings.

Mbizo Bushcamp: Mbizo is ideally situated beside a series of rapids and pools near the spot where the Ngubhu and Mbizo rivers meet.

A total of eight guests can be accommodated here, in two separate bush chalets constructed of wood, reed and thatch.

“She said we should accept the Nasrec outcome and ­accept Ramaphosa as everyone’s president,” said the source.

This was Ramaphosa’s first meeting with the branches in Kwa Zulu-Natal since he was elected ANC president in ­December.

Ramaphosa yesterday met other members of the national working committee (NWC) .

This magnificent reserve, tumbling from the heights of the Ngotshe Mountains a thousand meters down into a deep valley, carved over the aeons by the Phongolo River revealing the world's oldest rock formations, is a game viewers paradise.

Situated in the rugged, mountainous thornveld of northern Kwa Zulu-Natal, the reserves multitude of habitats host a spectacular array of wildlife species.

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Ithala has some of the oldest rock formations in the world, dating back 3 000 million years.