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posts have examined the history of the Russian Republic of Sakha, formerly and informally referred to as Yakutia.We have focused on Sakha due both to the region’s intrinsic interest and to the fact that it is one of the most widely ignored sections of the Earth’s surface. Promote Headers(Sheet1_Sheet), #"Changed Type" = Table. Transform Column Types(#"Promoted Headers", ), #"Changed Type with Locale" = Table. Contents("C:\Users\Reza\Sky Drive\Blog\Date Conversion\Book1.xlsx"), null, true), Sheet1_Sheet = Source[Data], #"Promoted Headers" = Table.Industrial production plummeted; according to Tichotsky, of all Soviet regions only Kamchatka experienced a greater decline.Personal income dropped as well, and the average life expectancy slipped by three years.

This brings a very important topic in mind; correct date type conversion is locale dependent, and you can get it always working if you mention Locale in date type conversion.Currently, Sakha is considerably richer than Russia as a whole on the basis of per capita GRP (Gross Regional Product), with 2009 figures of ,955 and ,339 respectively.But such apparent wealth by no means benefits all the people of Sakha.As state farms were broken up and herds privatized, livestock was slaughtered with abandon, temporarily increasing meat consumption.But as Tichotsky also specifies, Sakha experienced a more rapid economic recovery than the other parts of the former Soviet Union.

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Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars, on the other hand, all registered population declines in the republic from 2002 to 2010.

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