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Gone are those days when it was considered taboo for an older woman to date or have a relation with a younger partner.Research has shown that women as they grow older tend to find men younger than her more attractive.We have more women than men and competition for partners is very high.Therefore, when a woman realizes that all men of her age have settled into relationships, the next option is to look for younger.This leaves mature women with no option but to look for younger men, some younger enough to be their sons.

And for many reason it is true the other way around too.

They therefore spend most of their time on sugar momma websites chasing after younger men because they enjoy doing so. and it show like wrinkles on skin and diminishing strength and of course a decrease in enthusiasm .

But there are certain things which aging cannot control or weaken and one of them is our emotions.

They prefer young men who have not established themselves because they are easy to get and control.

Other than relationships, most sugar mommas prefer men who they can easily control using their wealth.

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