Dating rock art southern america dating responsibility

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Dating rock art southern america

Some common abstract design elements include circles, concentric circles, spirals, dots, and meandering lines.

Representative designs include human forms and animals.

It has been determined that some rock paintings were made as part of girls’ puberty ceremonies; designs most commonly thought to be related include red diamond chains and chevrons.

They are pecked or ground into the stone and appear randomly or sometimes in lines or groups.

Pictographs are designs painted on rock surfaces with paints made from natural mineral pigments mixed with animal fats, egg whites, plant oils, or urine to bind them.

In North America, specifically in California and the surrounding region, archaeological evidence suggests that settlement began in the Paleoindian period (approximately 12,000-8,000 YBP, or “years before present”), with the greatest use of the area occurring 2,600 to 1,000 YBP.

It is difficult to know when the sites in these particular images were created, because currently there are few techniques for dating rock art.

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Some rock art motifs resemble the visionary imagery of trance states, which Native American shamans entered to communicate with the spirit world.

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