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The year before Ursula Giel had entered the chapter and was soon after followed by 2 other ladies. Beate Klausdatter Bille of the County of Rødinge and the Shire of Frost (At the time part of Denmark, now Sweden) Until 1575 County Sheriff of Vissenbjerg Birk, Denmark Beate Bille was married to Otto Tygesen Brahe, Councillor of the Realm and Fief-holder of Helsingborg.

She administered the tenantcy in Skåne, now Sweden, jointly with Sidsel Oxe.

Also known as Katarzyna Meklemburska, she was daughter of Duke Heinrich V von Mecklenburg and Helena von der Pfalz, mother of sons and 3 daughters, and lived (1518-81).

The succession passes to the firstborn child, and if the eldest child is a daughter she will be called Chief but her eldest brother will do the work until her eldest son is old enough to take it on. She resigned in order to marry Duke Joachim Friederich von Schlesien, Duke of Liegnitz, Brieg and Wohlau (1550-1602), and became mother of 6 children.

Margrethe Nielsdatter Bild of the County of Ørbæk, Denmark Margrethe Bild was given the tenantcy for life together with her husband, Henrik Friis til Hesselager, who died in March 1571. After his death, she governed in the name of their son and at the same time she held Ohlau as her dowry.

She was very popular, was known by the population as Mother Käte.

She was mother of 2 daughters, and lived (1518-74).

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Maria Jacobäa von Baden of Baden-Baden (Germany)Together with her son, Duke Albrecht V von Bayern (1528-79), she was guardian for her grandson, Margrave Philipp II von Baden-Baden (1559-69-99) after the death of both his parents, Philibert (1536-54-69) and Mechtild von Bayern (1532-65) (Her daughter).