Dating russians in california

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Dating russians in california

"A curious Indian legend implies that Vikings may have strayed as far south as Mexico.

When they returned the following weekend the canyon trail they hiked the week before was completely blocked.Matter of fact, in a large part it was because of his intimate knowledge of southwest indiginous plants that I, starting as not much more than a mere ten-year old boy, but mostly less, ended up exploring much of the desert with him.[1] It was because of my uncle's role and expertise as a biosearcher, and well before I entered the picture, that somewhere along the way he met Myrtle Botts, she herself being a highly regarded amateur botanist, who in an odd sort of way, mostly because of the Viking ship, became infamous in the lore of the desert southwest.Although much has been written about Botts, years before I interviewed her on the subject, she discussed personally the following at length with my uncle who inturn related it to me: On the morning of March 9, 1933 Botts, a biosearcher herself on a search for new species of desert wildflowers, together with her husband Louis, were camped in California's Anza-Borrego Desert near Agua Caliente Springs in the mountains just west of the Salton Sea when an old prospector wandered into their camp.Native American fish traps can still be found high up in the rocks around the shoreline of the ancient lake (the current surface level of the Salton Sea is 226 feet sea level).The chart below shows the historical highs and lows of the ancient lake from 700 AD to the present.

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So too, after searching most of the day climbing over rocks, boulders, and landscapes they no longer recognized they were unable to find the canyon wall or the ship, the earthquake apparently covering all traces.