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Moto-Guzzi, Moto-Ducati, Moto-Laverda, so perhaps Hedstrom was familiar with that.

The earliest Indian models looked like mopeds (bicycles with small single cylinder engines) and only 3 were made in 1901. Interestingly, Triumph began production in 1902 and Harley-Davidson the year after (1903). This "Big Three" are still around a century later, while many other brands which started later died off years ago.

In 1918 the company offered for sale to the public its own new factory racer featuring OHV and 4 VPC (valves per cylinder). Considering that 3 or 4 VPC only began to show up on a few street V twins bikes in the late 1980's and mid 1990's, and Harleys are still built with only 2 VPC, it can be said that this V twin was 70 years ahead of its time.

Top speed was 120 mph, but the racers were very light and had no brakes, lights, fenders, suspension etc. In 1920, the Power Plus street model was offered in a 74 CID (1200 c.c.) version for sidecar owners.

Sort of ironic that their first mass produced model was more advanced in that regard than their last Chiefs which were just L (flat) heads.

Those very early Indians only produced a bit over two (2) horsepower.

The 1920 Scout was the brainchild of one Charles B. When European sales collapsed after WW I, Charles Franklin, who had ridden for Indian's winning 1911 Isle of Man team, emigrated from Ireland to join Indian's engineering department in Massachusetts.very near Yonge and Richmond) and online reviews tend to praise the food (especially hamburgers and sweet potatoe fries) and prices, except for one poor soul who got food poisoning from a pear and cheese salad. Below photos from EBay as recent as July 2013 showing a perfectly restored 1913 Power Plus (seven images), an unrestored 1914 engine (3 views: Left, Right and Top looking down), a 1914 frame, and four shots of a 1915 Powerplus motorcycle from Blenheim Ontario (first two shots show engine closeup).Finally from an earlier time on Ebay a 1918 Powerplus lacking lights, exhaust and some other parts, and its engine.Next is a photo kindly submitted by Ed Gregory of his grandfather also on a 1906 Camelback, at Wincester NH. Not sure of the Indian model, looks like a Camelback engine but the fuel tank is in the traditional position and not over the rear fender, so perhaps a successor to the Camelback.Luckily only the edges of the 110 year old photo have deteriorated. Bob and I would like to know what years this model was made so he can estimate the date of the photo.

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In 1914 Indian had been the first with both electric lighting and an electric starter.