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We also provide project management for land development projects.

Manitoba was established by royal warrant on May 10, 1905, based on an order in council of August 2, 1870, creating the provincial seal.

Our legal survey services include: subdivision plans, easement plans, legal description writing, condominium surveys of existing buildings and new construction, building location certificates (BLC), lot staking certificates, lease area surveys, road opening and closing plans, drain plans, survey monument restoration, topographic surveys, subdivision design, subdivision applications and consulting services for various land related issues.

In autumn, polar bears wander onto the ice-floes in the bay to hunt seals, and the town comes to life with visitors from around the world who come here to see these amazing animals.The museum focuses on a variety of themes that tell the stories of human rights issues from different perspectives.Determining which stories would be told became the source of much tension and controversy during the planning stages; an indication of how important this museum is to so many people.George on a white background, the traditional flag of England.The abandonment of the Canadian Red Ensign in 1965, when the new Maple Leaf Flag was hoisted, led to calls in Manitoba for a distinctive provincial flag.

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