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Dating sites in thaiand

A number of archeological sites around the country provide evidence of human settlement during the Neolithic age, bronze age and iron age.

Ban Chiang in Udon Thani province is one of Thailand’s best known prehistorical sites, that has become famous for its beautiful ceramic pottery that was found there.

One of our clients contacted one of these Introduction Services in Chiang Mai and was told that he could contact the ladies "for free".The site was inhabited for almost 2000 years and shows the transition of early man from Neolithic age into bronze and iron age.Among the oldest sites in Thailand is Phu Phra Bat historical park in Udon Thani province.This forested sandstone hill contains traces of several cultures in different eras spanning thousands of years.During prehistoric times early man left behind a number of rock paintings, later on the natural rocks and caves provided shelter for travelling monks during the early days of Buddhism.

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Several empires and Kingdoms have ruled the country, leaving behind impressive landmarks and historical sites that still remain today.