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Ljubljana is a University city, and EVERYTHING evolves around student life and activities. not knowing this, and was incredibly disappointed my very first week, then I started making friends and getting advice on where to go (Croatia seemed to be the spot).

: I had no idea that Slovenia focuses its life so much on University student life, to the point of making its holidays, tourist season around the University schedules. Austria, Italy, Croatia are all within 2 hours or less (driving) of Slovenia - which means you can knock out all of these countries in 1 shot!

American English is spoken by 75% of the people under the age of 35, and speaking American slang is actually considered "cool" and hip by anyone under 35. Slovenia is a very SMALL Central European country, and by small, I mean probably the size of Vermont.

I was out buying some fruits from a young college cutie at a local fresh market in Ljubljana, and as I walked away she held up her closed fist, looked at me and said "keep it real".... It is also funny to notice that Slovenia is shaped like a "chicken".

Slovenia has it all, from incredible nature trails, to modern ski resorts, to adventures in the wild forests, to elegant vineyards for wine tasting getaways, and great golf resorts.

It's amazing how such a small country offers so much.

I did not see any fat women, almost 90% of women under 50 were in shape, and were coca-cola bottle slim. Here is what you must know about their general personality traits: 1. Slovenian women love a man who is lots of fun, and can dance - they NEVER get a chance to dance as local men do not see it as macho enough - so dancing eases your way into her pants in a heartbeat! Slovenian women love to give you several shit tests!! So, enjoy this fellas, this was a very first for me!

Slovenian men have ZERO game, their idea of hitting on a girl (I witnessed this several times) is getting shit drunk, and being aggressive and sexually direct with her. However, they can easily be overcome by being direct and carefree, and always letting her know yo have other options. Slovenian women are NOT flakes like Colombian women - if she says she will meet you at X place at 8pm, you can bet your ass, she will be there at exactly that time and not 1 minute late!!! Slovenian women love a man whose hand will not tremble when going up her dress. I went out on nearly 14 first dates, every single woman paid the bill!

Young women with older men is just not socially accepted, and as such, you will have to game women your age to get laid.Therefore, it is very easy to move around the entire country from its capital, Ljubljana - pronounced "lub-li-ana".From there, you can pretty much drive in very modern, and very safe roads/highways for some jaw-dropping, natural beauty and scenery no matter what direction you go.If you are older than 35, and look your age, you can forget about bangin younger women - it seems to be a big brick wall that will cost you a notch!!I look like I am in my mid 20's and I often told the girls my real age, 35, and they IMMEDIATELY turned cold!

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PROLOGUE: I did not know anything about Slovenia before I decided to venture off into its mysteries and warm punanis of the local european women.

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