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Because of this ..sometimes this results in intergenerational relationships that have both their benefits and concerns.

Gay Life After40wants to break down the pros and cons of intergenerational relationships where a prominent age gap exists between the two guys.

If it turns into a relationship, then that is even better.

Con: Performing Prescribed Roles Occasionally, intergenerational gay relationships can fall into performing prescribed roles.

https:// advice/therapist/couples- therapy-cost-is-it-worth-it/ Con: Society’s Judgment Society loves to wag their finger and place judgment.

As for the older, they’ll see him as being immature or a cradle robber.

Pro: Invigorate and Energize Your Life There’s nothing more exciting than finding a strong connection with somebody.

By dating outside your age, you’re liable to find somebody with vastly different experiences and opinions than yours.

If you’re younger and seeking a sugar daddy, your gay relationship is likely not going to work.

If you’re older and seeing a young servant, again, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it passed a few dates.

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For example, the younger is the submissive one and the older is the dominant one.

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