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Define carbon dating kids

This same process could be applied then for land on continents.

This is one of the key ways how the age of animals that walked millions of years ago are determined.

Next week we will continue our exploration into Nuclear Reactions looking at how this same break down of unstable atoms has been used to improve peoples lives in medicine.

Because the animal can no longer intake Carbon this can be used to help determine the age of the fossil we are looking at.We can use this to get a good estimate on the age of the cookie or fossil.As the Lion breathes in, he takes in some air which contains Carbon.Remember that half life is the time it takes for half of the unstable 12 year olds holding 14 books (Carbon 14) to drop books and become stable.We would be comparing the amount of sugar that remained in our cookies vs the amount of butter and flour which we assume remains untouched by the ants.

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