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Now: You may have recognized his cameo in the movie Juno.

Currently he is a news reporter for This Is Fusion—a station from ABC-Univision. So she made t-shirts with his face in flames and sang revenge songs.

He also does voice work on the Canadian animated series Oh No! He came out to her and then dealt with bullying/homophobia at school. He became class president and graduated as valedictorian. He tried to go out for the wrestling team, but developed an eating disorder when trying to cut weight. She's a "Creative Digital Media Professional." (Unfortunately we're 3rd degree Linked In connections, so I can't see more of her résumé.) Then: With hair-dye and piercings, Ellie was the punk girl. Her mom's alcoholism and father's deployment overseas led to her self-harming behavior. She also appears to single-handedly be leading a "Drake For Mayor" campaign on Twitter. Later she pursued a modeling career and left the show.

Even though he was a troublemaker, dating Emma helped show his sensitive side.

She has not appeared on TV since then, but still works with Amanda Stepto and is married to actor James Gallanders.

She was also Kevin Smith's first choice to play Renee in , and currently teaches a Gender and Health Issues course at the University of British Columbia.

He's had major musical success, including Grammy nominations. Then: In the very first episode, Emma got Catfished by a creepy guy she met online. Later, she got gonorrhea after a promiscuous streak in the ravine.

He even rapped a little...until Ashley edited him out of her songs. then go and shoot Degrassi up on Morningside") and when hosting SNL.

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Now: Cassie is a singer-songwriter and released 3 albums. She called everybody "hon" and named a band after herself—Paige Michalchuk & the Sex Kittens (PMS for short! She was a brat in the beginning, but became more humble eventually.

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