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Modern Satanism may have been born in the era of free love, but the Church of Satan's founder took a broader look at individual liberation, eschewing the bland compulsions he saw as oppressing many narrow followers of the sexual revolution.

But it flies in the face of expectations of what a Netflix cartoon can be, whether it’s subverting toxic masculinity and traditional story arcs about how heroes will always triumph, or openly embracing queer stories, rather than leaving them as subtext.

" - In the year Anton La Vey decided to turn the culture upside down, heavy metal music hadn't even been invented yet. Obviously, it was high time for someone to actually give 'em Hell.

Hardcore pornography was still only in the form of clandestine movie reels, carefully screened in darkened basements at special "stag" gatherings, or in crumpled, furtively bartered photos.

The show has room for many examples of how we not only crave love and friendship, but understanding.

Akira’s friends, Miki and Miko, are given the same treatment to a lesser degree; what starts as a friendship stained by jealousy ends with professions of love from them both.

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Becoming a devilman gives Akira greater inner and outer strength, but he remains a compassionate soul wounded by the injustice he sees in the world.