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So does this mean that she just isn't into Twitter or is she trying to keep a low profile because she's dating Arie?

It should also be noted that it's not as if she's not logging into her account.

Looking at Lauren Burnham's Instagram and Twitter accounts, it's hard not to wonder if Lauren B. She honestly hasn't posted much about her left after the show, but maybe less is more in this situation?

It is also very easy to look into every social media move that she makes with some confirmation bias, wanting her to be Arie's girlfriend at this point post-show.

The winner is someone who has some secrets to keep until host Chris Harrison asks her questions during her appearance on with Arie by her side. a post-show relationship) to herself until that live portion of the finale.

Even so, there are some moves that Lauren has made on social media that could support the theory that she and Arie are together after the show.

She has liked several So it's obviously not "shocking" that someone spent Christmas Eve with her family.

Maybe she did Christmas Eve with the fam and Christmas with Arie, or maybe they just Face Timed?She told She also added, “I’ll be wishing him nothing but the best because that’s absolutely what he deserves!”Honestly, that's super sweet and all, but if she thought he was such a "gentleman" and thinks that the girls on this season are "lucky to have him," why in bloody hell did she pass him up in the first place?Lauren has posted about her dates on the show and reminded people to watch, but has not posted a lot about what she's been doing since the she wrapped.If she was spending her time hanging out with her friends and family, then she would be "allowed" to post that.

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The only thing she tweeted in relation to the show is when she responded to a fan question about the designer of her dress from the first rose ceremony.

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